Finallly! I'm a beautiful butterfly!

Brooklyn Ice Cream!

My new car. COMON LET ME GET THE TOY CAR PLEASE! =) #ScionSwagJFK (at Scion Swag Machine NYC)

Reunited with this beast of a machine!

Pretty sushi!

Honey Toast!

The aftermath. Now onto dessert!

Lunch for two. Don’t judge us.

Pommes Frites! Mad sawwwces!

Jim Mum! Peking Duck!

At Guantanamera! I love the music here.

In lieu of #nationalsiblingsday, I present myself and my sister…I mean Justine Bieber…I mean @jim_the_boy.

My favorite drink evar! Thai Iced Tea. #bingrestaurantweek

4 Cheeeeese! From Macbar!

Well that escalated quickly. Sigh, one of the joys in life. #ilegitbrokeanail

Extreme Wildlife: Eztioko Cabana Edition.

To Tumblr, Love Metalab