Finallly! I'm a beautiful butterfly!

Hello everyone meet my wonderfully amazing talented Nicolette. She’s one of the main reason why I love my job as a music teacher.

Danny Avila at Webster Hall! So close yet so far. One day I’ll be on that stage.

So close yet so far.

One day I’ll be on that stage.

Freedom Tower.

Before entering Webster Hall.

PC: @studiodelmar (at VIP at Webster Hall, NYC)

Opener for Danny Avila at Webster Hall.

The cliché Manhattan Dumbo street pic. (at Dumbo Park)

So so I’m DJing at Webster Hall Balcony Lounge next Saturday with @dannyavila! This is my first time performing and DJing at this venue and it would be great if you all came and support me! I have discounted tickets available so hit me up if you’re down!

Why hello to you too, baby.

Birthday dinner of @findmevintage at Grand Lux at Garden State Plaza! Had the Crusted Pork Chop Parm and it was bangin! (at Grand Luxe Cafe)

I love this place! (at Pho Mac Vietnamese Restaurant)

Its so beautiful! Add me, Eztioko!

Hot Taro with Nutella Waffle! (at Babo Tea House)

Untitled Summer Banger! Neeed help with titles (again). Used a lot of new VSTs like Nicky Romero’s Kickstart, Camel Crusher, Sylenth, Sytrus and Ozone 5! So easy to make Big Room with these! (at Boyfriend Headquarters)

This is some legit blackmail. Help me think of a caption. Sorry, @tedfu.

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