Finallly! I'm a beautiful butterfly!

The drive home from Six Flags.

Honestly just ordered this for the ‘gram. #doitforthegram #regret

Palomilla a la plancha and of course cheesesteak empanadas! (at Empanada Mama)

I’m sorry body. 25 Burgers between Airsoft games.

Six Flags with this pretty one! There’s no one here! Just rode El Toro three times in a row.

Lolol. LaG VBall team seniors.
Graduation @ Lincoln Center. #tbt

Halal Guys with Empenadas!

Epic traffic selfie! But I totally missed my face and too fast for traffic lolol.

Rap City Bish.

Cafe Bench Crepe.

Bareburger with the forager.

Ball is life. Hashtag no filter.

Hammered Chicken and Salmon! Of course Calamari as well, that’s a given. (at Onieals Grand Street)

Sweeeet buttons! (at Sweet Buttons Desserts)

My first EDM Vocal Original and Trap Edit featuring Alex Valera and 3am Lights! Definitely my summer banger! Check it out on

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